Sickness exams – we offer a complete array of laboratory analysis to help determine your animals
illness with results in less than 24 hours. We are well versed and equipped to handle most emergencies.
We treat medical colic's on site and have the capability to give large amounts of intravenous fluid therapy, as
required for some medical conditions.

Sale purchase examinations – extensive physical exam and lameness evaluation performed prior to
or after the purchase of the horse. Mainly to provide you with the protection of buying into a pre-existing
problem. Often includes laboratory analysis, Digital radiography, endoscopy and Digital ultrasonography. Dr.
Gamboa's experience as a rider is an unique asset during purchase examinations.

Lameness exams – evaluations include jogging and under saddle evaluations, flexion tests, nerve and
joint blocks, radiography and ultrasonography.

Equine Advanced Dentistry -Dr. Gamboa stated: "I have found that many problems in the equine
athlete are due to dental problems, and once corrected, the improvement is incredible. I decided to perform
equine dentistry because I found that many horses had dental problems and trainers/owners could not find
a capable equine veterinarian doing good equine dentistry".  Dr. Gamboa has been performing dental work
since 1995 and he utilizes the latest technology available in motorized equipment. He has kept up to date on
many techniques and methods through extensive continuing education seminars.Please call for
appointments and information. The cost for first time patients is $230.00, and for maintenance, annual and
bi-annual dentistry is$185.00, as long as the recommendations are follow. I have a more economical option
for horses not in training, not competing or yearlings of $135.00. This includes the complete procedure,
sedation as needed and NSAID's. The farm call will be split between the number of horses done.  95% of
my patients fell in this range, if additional services need to be done, an estimate will be done, or referral may
be recommended, depending on each individual case.
(You Tube Dentistry Video)    Looking for a
competent equine dentist veterinarian, look into

Surgery – standing surgery of the horse is performed for biopsy, laceration repair and other surgical
procedures. We also offer on site cryosurgery (deep freezing of tissues using liquid Nitrogen). It is ideal for
sarcoid tumor removal and many other options and surgeries.

Wellness exams – included routine and annual vaccinations, Coggins testing and annual health exams
with nutrition evaluations.

Specialized Procedures:

Digital Ultrasonography – Essential for diagnosis not only of soft tissue lesion but cartilage, bone, etc.

Digital Radiography – Dr. Gamboa has the most advanced digital system now available for veterinary
practitioners.Radiographs are available in site, seconds after the radiographs are taken, and are available
immediately for evaluation by your regular veterinarian, if so desire by you. Also includes a link of the
radiographic study that allows you to share, and to study all the views. The study will be saved on the cloud
for 5 years and you have access to it unlimited times.

Endoscopy – a fiber optic device for evaluating the airway of the horse, including the larynx, sinus
passages, guttural pouches and upper esophagus. Useful in pre-purchase exams, pneumonias or reactive
airway diseases.

Cryosurgery – device used to freeze tissues using liquid Nitrogen. Offers a way to remove tumors that
would be otherwise difficult to excise or where it is contraindicated to excise them like sarcoids or warts.

Mesotherapy - Mesotherapy is a treatment that stimulates the mesoderm, the middle layer of the skin,
which will, in turn relieve a wide variety of symptoms and ailments. The mesotherapy injections involve
extremely small needles that penetrate the interdermal layer of the skin only a very small depth, which is
typically four to six millimeters. The number of treatments needed depends on many variables including the
condition, the abnormal physiology causing the condition, as well as the chronicity of the problem. A
minimum of one to two sessions of mesotherapy is performed generally to assess the horse’s response. It
is effective for a multitude of conditions because it helps reverse the physiology of that condition, and stop
the pain spasm cycle. I have used Mesotherapy in hundreds of horses with a very high efficacy, with
conditions such as chronic back pain and degenerative arthritis of the back and cervical vertebrae (neck).

Vet-Stem Cells - A stem cell is a naturally occurring undifferentiated cel that can trasform into a specific
type of tissue such as tendon, ligament, bone and nerve. Stem cell have the ability to self renew and to
regenerate healthy tissue.
Vet-Stem Cell™ therapy is available now through Dr. Gamboa.  The idea is
simple: Concentrate and deliver active healing cells to the site where healing is needed the most. Vet-Stem
Cells™ are concentrated from adipose tissue (fat) obtained in a minimally invasive procedure, then  re-
implanted at the site of injury. This treatment have is a great tool  for bone injuries (arthritis, fractures, cysts,
OCD) and soft tissue injuries (tendons and ligaments). For more info go to

IRAP: One of the major inducers of osteoarthritis is the inflammatory cytokine Interleukin - 1(IL-1) which
plays a key role in accelerating tissue destruction and the repair mechanisms. In a healthy joint, IL-1 and
interleukin -1 receptor antagonist (IL-1lRa) are in balanced concentrations. I cases of osteoarthritis, there is
not sufficient IL-1 lRa produced to block the damage caused by increased IL-1. The result is inflammation,
joint pain, and finally cartilage destruction. The procedure begins with drawing blood from the horse that will
be treated with IRAP into a syringe. The syringe is specially prepared with glass beads that stimulate
production of the antagonist protein and an anticoagulant. The blood is harvested, incubated and
centrifuged to separate the plasma (abundant with IRAP) from the blood, then inject the obtained substance
into the affected joints. This can be done as often as needed and depends on the individual horse and the
individual reason to its use. There is no foreign substance introduced, so is natural healing but multiply by
concentrating the IRAP into the affected joint.

LASER THERAPY: Equine Innovative Medicine is excited to offer our clients Pegasus Laser Therapy.  Laser
therapy provides a non-invasive, pain-free, surgery-free, drug-free treatment which is used to treat a variety
of conditions.  Laser Therapy is beneficial for almost any condition where inflammation or pain are present.
DR. Gamboa performing motorized dentistry in one of his client's horses