Our Practice and the staff.
Family oriented
Our Vision  
To provide the best quality veterinary care to our friend and competitor, the equine athlete.

Dr. Juan C. Gamboa

Dr. Gamboa has been dedicated to the practice of the performance horse, mainly hunter/jumper show horses for the last 28 years.
He has an extensive background in the horseshow industry. He, his wife, and 18 year old son are competing in the hunters and
jumpers.  Dr. Gamboa's services include but not limited to lameness evaluation, pre-purchase examinations, and in general the
well being of the athlete horse. He offers digital ultrasound evaluation, endoscopy evaluation, digital radiography as well as IRAP,
PRP, Stem Cell Therapy, acupuncture, mesotherapy and many more services exclusive for the equine athlete. He also offers dental
evaluation, preventive and corrective dental work.   He is available in person for services in Florida, Georgia, North and South
Carolina, where he is license to practice Veterinary Medicine.

Jennifer Gamboa

Jennifer and Dr. Gamboa has been married since 1996. She does a magnificent job taking care of the family. Jennifer has been
working as a staff member for horseshows all around the country. Please feel free to visit her at the different shows.  

Nicolas Gamboa

The reason for Jennifer and Dr. Gamboa to wake up every day. He graduated from high school in 2018 and has focus on his riding.
He has a new jumper mare.

Linda Cadorette

Jennifer's mom, she has been living next to us since 2001. She is a great grandmother, and a good friend to all us. She is in charge
of the website, inventory and delivery of orders. Also, she take care of all the animals while the rest of us are having fun at the
horseshows. Fee free to call her, she will help you with your order.

Eliana Carpintero.

The daughter of a very good friend who is a large animal veterinarian in Colombia. She finished Industrial engineering and has a
good background with large animal management. She is in training and will be in charge of the office, accounting, scheduling,
inventory, etc. Please be patience with her while she learns our language.

Marissa Pachas.

Good friend of the family for many years. She is helping with appointments and some tech work when she can.  
Dr. Gamboa at the Gulf Coast Winter Classic, Gulfport, Mississippi